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BPI Manufacturing was founded in 1968 specifically to manufacture fine agricultural implements. It took initiative, vision and drive to build the business to the excellent enterprise it is today. Originally situated in historic Koffiefontein (South Africa), the plant was moved to Bothaville (South Africa) where it has grown into an impressively large, efficient and effective manufacturing facility with a comprehensive range of agricultural implements.
Michigan Equipment – a specialist agricultural and material-handling equipment supplier - is proud to be a key-supplier of commercial machinery and equipment to the SADC region. With its steadfast reputation as an excellent supplier and after-sales-support specialist, Michigan Equipment proudly offers extensive ranges of top agri brands such as Massey Ferguson, TAFE, Feeler and more.
If you are interested in a material-handling solution for your business, from a start-up venture to a full scale enterprise, FEELER offers perfect options. Known for its safety and efficiency, FEELER also boasts of a reputation of unsurpassed value with an excellent influence on direct and indirect manufacturing, efficiency and profitability. Realising the industry trend towards high-tech packing and stacking, FEELER forklifts bridge the gap between labour intensive operations and full automation in material-handling. FEELER offers both indoor and outdoor solutions in various mechanics, capacities, strengths and fuel options.
At TRIOMF we source, import, manufacture, blend and distribute premium quality fertilizer and other agricultural products. We are proud of our TRIOMF brand heritage to be authentically South African, enjoying an international presence in the agricultural sector, and a household-name status "on local soil". Trusted by generations of farmers, TRIOMF Fertilizer continues to be the preferred choice for high-performance fertilizers.
Massey Ferguson is one of the world's leading brands of agricultural machinery. All Massey Ferguson tractors bear the hallmarks of top performance, reliability, comfort and uncompromising quality. Michigan Equipment is proud to be the distributor of Masstey Ferguson tractors in Southern Africa and other states on the African continent.
TAFE owns the third largest tractor factory in the World and is proudly represented in Africa by Michigan Equipment in South Africa. For a full range of top-to-middle-end tractor models at value price points, visit for the best in tractor sales and support.
This one-stop Agricultural Hub is your only go to for your agri-needs when in and around Botswana. At AgriSales Botswana we supply the best in new and pre-owned tractors, machinery and equipment, also catering for all of your requirements for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, agro chemicals and much more.
A lack of broadband internet access and the high costs involved spurred the founders to start Winet Technologies in January 2011 with the aim of providing internet access to SA famers and rural communities. The company soon expanded and has since become the all-inclusive technology solutions provider of support, internet, websites as well as sales and value added services making it the perfect one-stop solution for all IT needs.
Enviro Crop Protection (Pty) Ltd has grown rapidly during the past 20 years acquiring some of the very first off-patent registrations in South Africa. Today the company boasts a portfolio of crop protection compounds exceeding 50 registrations with many more in various stages of development. With its growing range of specialized agricultural crop protection chemicals, Enviro Crop Protection enjoys a nationwide and cross-border reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.
With technology in the field of Unmanned Ariel Vehicles rapidly changing, HAEVIC has recognized the capabilities of the “eye in the sky” and has ventured into the agricultural sector which has enabled the farmer to identify and rectify crop health through infrared maps, monitor livestock through the RFID tag system as well as how to act upon information as gathered by GIS (Geographical Information Systems). The mining sector, exotic wildlife management and security surveillance are amongst the current services covered by the HAEVIC product range.
AFRICOM COMMODITIES is the holding entity of a group of companies, all of which are settled within the agricultural sector. With a commitment to sound corporate governance in finances, sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and service, the ambition of AFRICOM COMMODITIES is to excel in all these areas making a profound impact and allowing the company name to be synonymous with excellence and integrity. This group of companies has earned the trust of all operators in the agricultural field through an extensive and inventive product and service range which meets all required farming and other developmental needs

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